Porsche Ruf Gallery

This gallery features photos courtesy of Mr. Alois Ruf, of Ruf Automobile GmbH (manufacturer of high performance automobiles based on a Porsche chassis), and the late Mr. Mark Haselton, previous owner of the Ruf CTR 2 Turbo featured in these pictures. German Car Repair had the pleasure of performing service and maintenance on Mark’s Ruf CTR 2. The car’s pedigree made it very unique and special; It was the last production Ruf CTR 2 built in Pfaffenhausen, Germany, and the only one ever built with a sunroof. We considered it a great compliment that Mark chose to maintain his CTR 2 with us.

Joining Mark’s CTR 2 was Mr. Ruf’s renowned “Yellow Bird” CTR. These photos were taken when Mark shipped his car, along with the “Yellow Bird,” to the west coast for a lecture given by Mr. Ruf to students at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. This was the first time the “Yellow Bird” had been in the United States.