The GCR Philosophy

At German Car Repair, we share our customers’ enthusiasm for German cars. Collectively, we own several of them, each with more than a quarter million miles behind them, and still looking and running great. We are not your average repair shop. We are enthusiasts who know how to take care of German cars, and welcome the opportunity to bring out the best in yours.

German Car Repair is dedicated to total customer satisfaction, understanding our customers’ needs, and exceeding expectations. We will not under-quote for repairs, then call you back to “upsell."  We give estimates based on what might be a “worst case scenario.” Nobody likes unpleasant surprises, especially when they have committed to, and budgeted for, a repair.

We believe in offering our customers the same excellence in service we would expect to receive, and take pride in offering the right formula: Commitment, experience, attention to detail, skill, integrity, and competitive pricing. We earn our customers’ loyalty through trust. As a discerning owner of a premium German car, you deserve to have peace of mind knowing your car is in trustworthy hands.